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Legal Direction

Other Services

Here at Legal Direction we deal with provide various services on different legal matters.

Here are just a few of those listed:

Tax credits,

Job seekers,

Housing debt,

Family credit

And much more, please call in to our office in Bradford or call today on 01274 733340

Commercial Disputes:

When commercial disputes arise, Legal Direction are there to offer practical solutions based on sound, expert help, to react quickly and help a business weigh up any risks or rewards.

As a full-service we offer our clients all of these benefits as well as broad industry expertise and extensive experience. Here are just some of the disputes that may arise:

Contractual claims

Director and shareholders disputes

Breaches of fiduciary duties

Intellectual property

Employment Debt recovery

Personal injury


Commercial disputes

Landlord and tenant issues

Making a Will

Mental Health:

Caring for someone can be rewarding but also difficult.

Here at Legal Direction we want to offer the help, support, and guidance in making sure that this process is a painless as possible.

Please feel free to call us or contact us via our contact form for your consultation with us today.

Making a Will