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Whether to divorce and on what grounds

With whom the children will live

How to manage shared care of the children

How to deal with parenting issues

What will happen to the family home

How to divide assets

How to arrange financial support for family members.  

   Why mediation?

Mediation enables you to listen and talk to each other with an impartial mediator about problems and issues that you both wish to resolve. Although this can be difficult, it often helps in reaching a joint decision and leads to an improvement in the relationship & communication.

Your children will greatly benefit from your increased ability to communicate and co-operate as parents. It ia a known fact that when parents separate, it is the conflict between them that hurts the children most. Anything that can be done to reduce this helps children cope with the situation far better

The process of mediation is a lot less costly and time consuming than using a solicitor.

Through mediation you will probably find that, after a while, you will need to depend less & less on the help of others to resolve issues between you.

The process

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process by which experienced and qualified mediators help a couple to reach joint decisions about  matters relating to their children, finance and property.

The purpose of mediation is to provide solutions to problems  which need to be resolved by the couple to be able to move forward.

 Mediation also strives to improve communication between the couple so that they are able to build a more amicable relationship and resolve problems which may arise in the future without the need for outside help.

Mediation enables couples who have children to work together as parents even though they may be apart.

Mediation helps decide:


If you only want to discuss issues relating to your children, we will help you to concentrate on your children's needs, and to look at different options. Decisions or agreements may be reached, or it may be necessary to arrange a further session to continue the discussions. Sometimes parents provisional arrangements are agreed upon, which they can try out but review at a later date.

If financial issues are involved, you will both be given forms to complete. These will require you to make known all your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. It is imperative  both of you have a clear and full picture of the family's financial situation before any negotiations can take place. Whether these matters are resolved in mediation, through negotiation between solicitors or by a judge in a court, all financial disclosure requirements must be met in order to come to an informed decision.