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Immigration control is about how and why people from countries outside the UK are allowed to come to the UK and how long they can stay.

It is also about what they are allowed to do when they are in the UK, for example, whether they can work, whether relatives can come to the UK to join them afterwards, and whether they can use the National Health Service or claim benefits.


Reasons you may need immigration or nationality advice:  

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Please remember that immigration laws are strictly enforced in the UK and the consequences of misunderstanding your right to be here can be very serious.

They can include the risk of deportation.

It is therefore essential to consult a specialist adviser if you are unsure about your position, or the position of family and friends.

Immigration control

Immigration control

Immigration control

The immigration rules also specify how long permission to remain in the UK should be granted for. permission  can be either 'limited' or 'indefinite.' Limited permission  is granted to people who are coming to the UK for 'temporary' reasons, i.e, as students. Other people applying for permission  to remain may be eligible for 'indefinite' leave, with the possibility of being able to apply for UK citizenship.

People in most 'temporary' categories, such as visitors, will also need to show that they intend to leave the country when the purpose of their stay is over.

People who require permission  to enter the UK will usually need to get ' entry clearance' to show that they are entitled to enter the UK under the immigration rules.

There are detailed rules about how to qualify for entry clearance within each category of applicant coming to the UK. Some groups, such as refugees and asylum seekers do not require entry clearance, but most do.

There are many immigration or nationality problems which you may need help on, some of which are:-

Immigration Laws