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Legal Direction

Find out your rights on many aspects of Criminal Prison Law. Before it’s too late!

We offer help on matters such as release including licence conditions and or potential recall.

We are able to offer assistance  them with any of the following:


(These are formal tribunals presided over by District Judges).

The powers of adjudicators extend a long way and can include the addition of extra days to your time in custody.

Adjudications often come about due to any of the following:

Assault on another inmate or staff.

Being in possession of a prohibited article, including;



SIM cards

Illicit alcohol

Items likely to be used as weapons

Failure of a Mandatory Drugs Test (MDT)

Failure to provide a urine sample for an MDT

Failure to comply with a direct order

Damage to property of another or the prison

The Law and you

It need not be costly

The “scales of justice” can be expensive to balance. Let us help.

Peace of mind

Avoid the worst

If you are unfortunate enough to be convicted of an offence and to receive a custodial sentence, you need to remember that your needs for top quality help and assistance will not stop, but the type of assistance may change..


Families cannot be forgotten at this time - our clients can give us authority to keep family members informed about the progress of their case in order to ease concerns about their welfare.

Family support

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